Thomson's Gazelle
Status Low Risk
Diet Herbivore
To unlock the Thomson's gazelle in challenge or campaign games, you must earn a 1/2-star zoo fame rating for your zoo.


  • The Thomson's gazelle, which is 61 cm (24 in) tall, migrates between the African forests and the steppe. After the rains, it feeds on the fresh green grasses of the Serengeti Plain. Though usually found in herds of 20 or so, the gazelle will mass in the thousands for up to a few days. Its 30-cm (12-in), S-shaped horns offer some protection from predators, but its real defense is to flee.

Fun Facts

  • To confuse their enemies and to warn other gazelles, Thomson's gazelles bounce high into the air with their legs stretched down stiffly when alarmed. This behavior is called "stotting" or "pronking."
  • Unlike deer, who shed their antlers, Thomson's gazelles retain their horns, which continue to grow throughout their lifetimes.