Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals
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Release Date October 16, 2007
Rating ESRB (E10+) PEGI (3+)
Features Extinct Animals, Fossil Finding, Fossil Building, Dino Rampaging, and Disease Curing
Interface Yellow
Extinct Animals Theme

 Zoo Tycoon 2: Extinct Animals is a video game expansion pack for Zoo Tycoon 2 released October 17, 2007. The expansion focuses around extinct animals, mainly dinosaurs or ice age creatures, as well as more recently extinct creatures like the dodo, thylacine and quagga.

This expansion pack follows the other expansion packs, Endangered Species, African Adventure and Marine Mania. Extinct Animals replaces and includes the animals and objects from the earlier Dino Danger Pack premium download. This expansion is similar to the Dinosaur Digs expansion of the first Zoo Tycoon.

The game's tagline is "bring 'em back."


Minigames: Several new minigames (similar to the trick training games in Marine Mania) are included. These are, as follows: locating fossils, curing diseases, cloning animals, building skeleton jigsaws, and tranquilizing dinosaurs. Most of these get more challenging as you progress through the game.

Dino Rampage: This mode is only available when a dinosaur becomes upset with its living conditions. This causes it to go on a rampage, where it will destroy its exhibit, then break out and attempt to destroy the zoo. However, the player can prevent such disasters by locating the enraged dinosaur and sedating it or forming a "Dino Capture Team" to catch the loose dinosaur.


There is a total of 36 animals in this expansion pack, including updated animals from the Dino Danger Pack and the two true unlockable animals (Extinct Animals is the first in the Zoo Tycoon franchise to have any). The Dino Danger Pack animals and objects are included, and all are updated, although they are still categorized in the animal adoption menu under "Dino Danger".

Unlockable Animals: These animals can be unlocked either by completing an in-game campaign or in the animal creation minigame. None of them (besides the killer penguin and quagga) have Zoopedia entry and proper stats, so are not generally counted as true animals.

System Requirements

As it is an expansion pack, it requires the original Zoo Tycoon 2 or Zoo Tycoon 2: Zookeeper Collection to play.

   Microsoft Windows 98SE or Higher
   PC with 733 MHz equivalent or higher processor
   256 MB of system RAM
   900 MB available hard disk space
   32x speed or faster CD-ROM drive
   16 MB 3D video card required
   DirectX 9.0 or later
   Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio
   Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device
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